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Warning - Please do not open this site if you are a) male and b) want to get any work done today:

Okay… it’s really sad but I would love to see the Analytics stats for this site! This site must have the most disproportionate stats. I imagine a fantastic time on site, miniscule bounce rate but I wonder if many of the people that visit the site are actually shopping!!! Which is a shame because this site is executed really well.

CRO things that make it great:

  • The Interactive Videos are superb
  • The ability to select different sized models allows visitors to visualise how they would look in the clothes really makes clothes shopping easier

All that being said it is a shame it is difficult to actually purchase the product that you select (I think I may have been the first person to actually try and buy something!!!)

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Knicker Picker

The genius that is Knicker Picker