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As a practitioner of CRO/ UX/ Usability/ Making your website easier to use it is with much trepidation that I tell you… don’t employ me. That is…. not until you have done the basics yourself as instructed in this blog.

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Make sure your website is a positive reflection of your business!

In my job I see and work on as many as 10 sites/ projects per week. Over 100 clients later and it is with great pain that I tell you that I have only really been able to flex any real CRO muscle on about 5 projects.


Why is that you ask? It’s because the rest of my time is wasted doing the absolute bleedin’ basics.


Save your money and time by doing them yourself… (after you’ve taken the HIPPO-Critic Oath that is!)


How to do the bleedin’ basics! I’m calling it the quick way to ‘Ketchup on CRO’:

1) Make sure your website says what your business does.

How many times do I chat with the client and learn lots of great stuff about them only to realise that non of the gold dust they have told me about has made it to the website? The answer…. all the time! Use Bowden’s Lucky 13 business questions as a framework for gleaning useful information then put it on your bleedin’ website!

Ketchup on CRO

'Ketchup on CRO' - Says what it does (Tomato Ketchup) and it's clear what to do next (squeeze me)

    • Business Goals – (overall targets for 12, 24, 36 months – top target e.g. “£2 million revenue in 12 months”
    • Website Goals – How does your site help you achieve your business goals? (How website helps generate revenue – e.g. Online sales, enquiry forms, brochures etc)
    • Business Background – Brief history of their business.
    • Money – Calculate an approximate revenue to profit model – Cost Per Acquisition/ margins etc.
    • Product/ Services – Brief Explanation of Products and Services including Unique Selling Points
    • Competitors – ask for an idea of competition
    • Market Profile – who this is. Keep this brief. With view to a follow up.
    • Roles and Responsibilities – who do we report to? Who else is involved? Development teams, PR agencies etc.
    • Access codes – state the need for FTP, PPC, Reporting access codes
    • Keywords – ask client for suggestions
    • Marketing activities – what the client does and how these perform
    • Tracking – Ask how they currently track performance of the site.
    • Existing Documentation – ask if the client has and can share market research/ business plan etc. Remind them that you will sign non-disclosure and use it as an opportunity to remind them that you will need your hands on everything you can and that they must value the information they have.

Once you’ve cracked the above and are confident that you have translated your business on to your website stop. Take a walk and come back and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. You will definitely have missed things.


Is it clear what to do next? Push the button!


2) Is it clear where to click?

Well is it? Either way double the size of the place where you want people to click and make sure that you label it properly so people know what happens when they click it. Don’t be subtle. Don’t be cute. Show them your knickers.


3) Run some user experience tests (Only $40 each with

If you are now convinced that your site clearly explains what your business does and it’s obvious where to click then watch out… you are in dangerous territory. Never trust your own opinion… ever! Pay $120 for 3 user tests. Ask them if they can explain what your business does and where to click next.


It’s really that simple!

If your webiste conversion rate does not immediately bounce up and scream about what a clever genius you are and how much you deserve a payrise then I will give you your money back.

Don’t bottle it! (as in Ketchup… see what I did there?)

Please trust yourselves to get these basics sorted. You are logical, rational, understand your own business and use websites all the time. You can do it (remember to take the HIPPO-Critic Oath before you start and use the Top 25 CRO Tools to take it further)

Join me in the crusade to Shoot the HIPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion)! Share this blog and Follow me @tombowdenCRO on Twitter

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