Calling all CRO, UX, LPO, Design and Analytics Practitioners: Get Mad! Take the HIPPO-Critic Oath.


Don’t let the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (The HiPPO!) Prevent Progress! Use Customer Feedback!

Are you mad as hell at having to justify every single Landing Page, Conversion Rate, Design or User Experience recommendation you make?

Are you mad at clients telling you that it should be pink/ aligned centrally/ emphasized more/ or include an image of Cliff Richard because their Grandma made a recommendation once upon a time?

Are you mad that changes are made without being tested?

Well I am! AND this blog is for you. It puts The Top 25 Killer CRO and UX tools in your hands so that the FACTS dictate the direction of your project: NOT OPINION!



HIPPO Polka They Will Steal Your Women

HIPPO Polka - They Will Even Steal Your Women!

Stop! Take the HIPPO-Critic Oath: Fundamental rules for shooting HIPPOs:

1) I promise to arm myself with as many weapons as possible and vow to Use Multiple Tools

2) I promise to Present Findings in the Simplest Way Possible and will never puke data (bullet points rule!)

3) I promise to Use the Insights to Make Changes and will NEVER let my client dictate what we do.

Signed: A New Recruit in the War Against HIPPO’s



I want you to get mad!

If you answered yes, or even maybe to any of the above then the internet needs you! Help protect it from narrow minded HIPPO-ignoramuses that are hell bent on making websites more complicated than they need to be! Join me in the crusade to Shoot the HIPPO! Share this blog and Follow me @tombowdenCRO on Twitter!